5 Most Mysterious Objects in the Solar System


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What unsolved mysteries lurk out in the thick blackness of space? Presenting 5 mysterious celestial objects in our Solar System, including Comet ISON, the Black Knight Satellite, 1991 VG, Object X and Planet X / Nibiru.

Source : Dark5

2 thoughts on “5 Most Mysterious Objects in the Solar System

  1. I don’t know the others, but I think the most unusual ones of them is Black Knight Satellite. Its differences shows itself from the very beginning. Because it was discovered by the planet’s most unfortunate genius Nikola Tesla. He said that he received a radio signal from space in 1899. And the things continued to the present. At that time, in 1899, to receive a radio signal from a particular object, not from the quasars and galaxies or pulsars (all in enormous size from each other), this is not unusual already? Its second difference is that the astronauts of legendary space shuttle Endavour took its photographs in 1998. But, all those photos were deleted from the records of Nasa somehow. They are still missing. And thank you for reminding this interesting subject.

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